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Jesus will return with the clouds the same as He left. us. Can't you hardly wait until that happens!! How ECSTATIC I will be!!! God Be With Each One Of You During Your Futures!

Thanks for visiting!! I have been trying to reach the public for quite a while. The media industry has not tried to help me AT ALL!

This is the REAL THING!! So many others have come in the past saying Jesus is returning soon and that is why the media does not want to help nor alarm people. But, I have actually had a number of visions, been visited by angels and the Lord Himself. The 1st angel that visited me said, "Fear God and give Him glory, for the hour of His judgment is come upon all of the earth, and worship Him Who made the earth and the heavens, and the sea and the fountains of waters. I kept telling my experiences to everybody one person at a time and finally I got exasperated and asked God what to do.

He told me to write everything in a book. That's what I have done for all of you. The book is called "What Your Eyes Have Not Seen" by Michael W. Cadry. My most recent version is my seventh edition (actually the 3rd and 4th were passed up at my discretion). Many of the answers you've all been looking for are in this book. You can obtain the book at Barnes and Noble, but you must order it first from them. You can also find the sixth edition on the shelves of the downtown Phoenix Library for free. It really contains alot more secrets and answers than the first editions. Anyways, there's little time, but only the Lord God knows the day and hour, not myself nor any man, nor Jesus. But I can tell you that it's extremely soon, by what I've gone through and what I've experienced, and what I've been told. I am a witness to what God has given me to give to all of you. You will find out for sure soon enough indeed. May God Bless Your Hearts and Forgive Your Sins. Have Great Faith in That. He Loves You Tons!!

Michael William Cadry